Divorce and Family Law at MSM Law

Unfortunately, not all relationships have a happy ending and many challenging issues can arise. A relationship ending whether the parties were married or simply cohabiting can be a stressful and difficult time for all involved. At MSM Law we can advise and assist on such issues.

Our Family Law Department can provide you with the necessary expertise in disputes over where your children should live and who they should have contact with. If there has been violence or even the threat of violence we will seek the urgent protection of the Courts in applications for Non-Molestation Orders. We are highly experienced in representing families in disputes with social services. We can attend Court or meetings with social services to help you.

We are experts in resolving and securing your rights in matrimonial financial disputes. We can advise about your entitlement to matrimonial maintenance and we can assist with your need for child maintenance.

We can draft Matrimonial Agreements to divide assets or protect your entitlements if you have to go to Court for an injunction. Our Solicitors will guide you through the processes of obtaining information, called discovery, filing the forms or Affidavits and appearing at Court. Importantly we will provide you with a detailed, easy to understand fee structure or apply for legal aid if available. We will seek that the other side pays your costs for going to Court, if possible.

We provide an on call emergency service providing timely and expert advice.

At MSM Law your concerns will be dealt with in a sensitive and caring manner. Our family team are experienced practitioners who are Advanced Advocates and members of the International Child Abduction Panel. Your initial consultation is free. If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment please contact us at your convenience.

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